GreenTech 2-d generation


We could call solar cells and wind turbines the first generation of green-tech as it generates energy with no CO2 footprint.

The second generation green-tech will be quite new inventions that forces greenhouse effect backwards. This is urgent.

The only possible path to a final climate solution.


Our DULOB CHP  belongs to the second generation of green-tech  under the right conditions.

For deeper understanding, here is a very short and brief description of the two climate related main factors.


Factor 1. Temperature anomaly


The red graph corresponds to the formula (Ref 1, Eq 13 ) from

Prof Peter Nightingale, Department of Physics, University of Rhode Island  , RI USA


The temperature anomaly data of NASA/GISS (NASA, 2017) has been used for

a linear regression, two-parameter least-squares fit


The result is the red graph. This is a prediction about how earth temperature will increase in an exponential way

with "business as usual".  Approx the same result can be obtained with other calculation methods and

it is also consistent with the secret calculation that Exxon Mobile did 40 years ago. The red graph shows

that climate change is coming faster and in a more dangerous way than  most people think.

NASA real world measurements (black) confirm the red graph so far.

The most important thing is to find out how to follow the green graph. (Paris). This is a world-wide responsibility.



Black= NASA real global measurements of temp. anomaly

Green=Paris agreement to stay below +1.5C

Red = Estimate of possible development in the near future under business as usual.


You don't need to be a scientist to see that the green graph has to change direction in a powerful way

not later that 2025.


This is only possible if

1. The world is climate neutral    (Zero emission of greenhouse gases) already in year 2025.

2. Greenhouse gases CO2 and Methane must be reversed with maximum intensity, start 2025.


Further calculations will easily  indicate  that the world can only stay below +1.5C according to the green graph if

methane and CO2 are forced back to  year 1700 level very fast.  Such a calculation indicates that the entire job must be done

within 20 years.  Earth in balance year 2045.    A slower action will make the Paris Agreement fail.

The surprise is: As soon as we understand the true nature of methane it becomes possible to reach these "impossible" goals.

These points are proved mathematically here.



Factor 2. Methane


Prof Peter Nightingale, Department of Physics, University of Rhode Island  , RI USA

writes in a research paper (Ref 1)


"Only the instantaneous global warming potential is consistent with honest and responsible greenhouse gas accounting "


Policymakers should spend weeks to understand this single line, because this line has the potential to be

a key to the very solution of the climate crises.

A brief explanation follows and the link below is mind-blowing  in bringing hope and solution.


This graph from IPCC explains much. Methane in the atmosphere has a half life of seven years. After 10 years there is very little left.

It has been agreed worldwide under the scientific community to  use GWP100  = 28 to explain that Methane is 28 times more powerful

as greenhouse gas than CO2.  It is the global warming potential  during 100 years although methane is almost gone after 10 years.  

The problem is that if we want a lower value for political reasons we can use  GWP500  = 7.   We can get any result we want just by picking

an other time frame. Prof Peter Nightingale is one of the very few scientists telling the truth here.  If we accept this truth, we can also for the

first time see revolutionary solutions that have stayed invisible so far.  This "magical" single line of truth is repeated here:


"Only the instantaneous global warming potential is consistent with honest and responsible greenhouse gas accounting "


If we really want to know the true impact of methane right now, we have to look at the instantaneous global warming potential.

It is GWP0=120  according to this graph from  IPCC.



Methane is 120 times more powerful than CO2 as greenhouse gas.

If GWP0=120 is accepted as the responsible and honest way of calculating methane,

we are indeed  about to see a revolutionary surprise.


This link discusses how methane can help us solve climate crises

and why DULOB CHP can play an important role here:

Methane as Climate Solution Web-Slides