United Kingdom


CNN Global Energy Challenge reported 2020-0117 from UK


39% of UK electricity comes from fossil fuel.

Change is in the air.

Domestic heating is the biggest hurdle to reach zero emissions.  (video->18 min)

Today 85% of all houses are connected to natural gas.  CNN asks: How to heat without natural gas ?

This is huge.   Decarbonising will cost 1.3 Trillion $ in total.

The first step is NOT to connect any new homes to gas, this film says.


Well, DULOB CHP has a different solution:

Continue to connect houses to gas!  This is the future !


In the first step, one gas driven CHP in each house will reduce fossil fuel consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions by 80%

In the next step, biogas and atmospheric gas will bring GreenHouse gas emissions far below zero,  in other words

forcing green-house effect backwards. Second generation green-tech.  The web-slides tell how it can be done.